26 april, 2017


Who we are

A team that loves to create

Since the dawn of history, food has always played a major and central roll in human life. The food culture of each nation reflects the depth of its authenticity. The importance of food quality is nowadays so obvious and non-questionable. In the last decades the quality of food and nutrition has become the main source of health and well-being.

Our mission:
Having all these obvious and important factors in mind, Aroxa Dried Fruit has always felt a huge moral responsibility to serve its customers with the best and highest quality products that the market offers. The climate in each and every part of Iran is so unique and therefore the Iranian dried fruits and nuts are among the best quality in the world.

Being an important part in the production process, choosing the best raw materials, being extra sensitive during the whole process from the soil to the dining table is our most important mission here at Aroxa Dried Fruit. 

Your satisfaction is our mission! Just try us, and you'll see!

What we do

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