24 juni, 2017

Date Standard

In order to export, date producers in Iran must observe the following conditions which have been arranged by institute of standard & industrial research of Iran. • Without live vermin • Maximum verminous date: 7% • Maximum other kinds and forms: 2%
• Maximum crushed and damaged date: 3%
• Maximum percent of unripe date: 2%
• Maximum color variation date: 3%
• Maximum external material: 6%
• Maximum black and dark head: 9%

Note 1: These conditions relate to Sayer dates. Other kinds of dates have a little different condition. Note 2: Percentage of moisture in each kind is different from other kinds. For example moisture of Sayer and Zahedi is about 16% to 18% but moisture of Mazafati and Kabkab is about 20% to 22%

The main characteristics of dates are Copper, Magnesium, Niacin, multi-vitamins. At the time of illness, dates are magical medicine for Influenza due to its high amount of Vitamins and potential anti-cancer ingredients. Antioxidants in dates, helps to prevent excessive bleeding. It is also noteworthy that dates fruits determines the amount of Oxygen taken in and out in blood. Dates are also believed to be an effective source for sportsmen and sportswomen thanks to its enriched amount of calorie which stimulates blood cells to control the flow of blood. It is recommended that taking each date, doubles the energy in human body. What separates dates from each other is the type of weather climate in different parts of Iran. Zahedi dates come with yellow layer. Colors range from black, brown, yellow, hony and red.