25 april, 2017


By exporting more than 150,000 MT (27% of global consumption) of raisins, Iran is the third largest exporter of raisins in the world. Depending on the kind of grapes grown in different places and processing procedures there are different varieties of Iranian raisins; Sultana Raisins (dark color, superior quality and light color, Malayer), Golden Raisins, Black Raisins and Green Raisins.
The perfect climate for wine-growing and special processing method makes the Iranian raisins amongst the best and finest in the world.
More than 200 kinds of different raisins are known in Iran which are divided in different categories; seeded raisins, unseeded raisins, green raisins, rice raisins and currants. Green raisins and rice raisins are prepared from seedless grapes while currant is obtained from a variety of seeded grapes.  

Aroxa Dried Fruits is supplying and exporting four of the most known and famous kind of Iranian raisins.